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The Polymath Science Fest Registration

First time in Bhiwandi

A Science & Math festival for little Einsteins!!


Little Scientist (3-6yrs):

Rainbow Razmataaz

Discover the magic of light and colours and a lot more of fizzing potions in the #madscience lab of Rainbow Razmataaz.

Dig a Dinosaur (Sand dig site creation + Dinosaur egg takeaway)

Jump in those lab coats and straighten your safety glasses while you excavate to find what is till now unknown.

Physics Phun (6-12yrs):


Rockets (Rockets testing + Straw rocket takeaway)

Debunk the science of rockets and look for the best angle of elevation! 

Frosty Science(Dry Ice experiments + Slime takeaway)

Don’t forget to lay your hands on the gooey slime and be careful with the super cold stuff that won’t stop sublimating!.



Fit a bubble inside another, try filling a bubble with smoke and what not. Discover the magic of surface tension in this bubble-arium.

Science Museum

Science comes alive in these set of table top models explaining concepts ranging from static electricity to the fundamentals of astronomy. These models explain the tiniest atoms to the physics of giant roller coasters!

Science Show

An amalgamation of some crazy set of science experiments specially curated by Team Bluesparrow explaining the various states of matter and the power of gases!

Some ice and some fire! Make sure to get your safety glasses



The Polymath School,

Off Anjurpata-Kharbav Road,

1st left after Tip Top Farsan,


Date & Time:  Sunday, 11th Feb | 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Contact Number:  8551006600

Polymath Science Fest Registration Form

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